Charles Barkley Voices His Opinion On The Best NBA Team In New York

Charles Barkley has gone on the record who he feels is the best team in New York City. If you familiar with his style on Inside The Nba TNT show he speaks his mind. Barkley by no stretch of imagination is a Knicks fan, so i am not shock he told Newsday that the Nets were the best team in New York.

It is not quite to the point where you could call the Nets’ new home in Brooklyn the “Barkley’s Center,” but Hall of Famer and uninhibited TV analyst Charles Barkley is upbeat about the team that will soon begin a new chapter in the Barclays Center.

“I like their team. I like their team a lot. I think they probably have got the best team in New York,” Barkley said at Bill Russell’s Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge Monday morning at Friar’s Head in Riverhead.

They must think it’s 1995.
“It’s 2012,” Barkley said. “They went out and got 92-year-old Jason Kidd and 92-year-old Marcus Camby.”


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