Week 4 NFL Scores And New York Sports News

NFL WEEK 4 Scores + Giants & Jets News

It was another exciting week for the NFL which will end tonight on Monday Night Football when Bears and Cowboys go head to head.

Giants vs Eagles Sunday Night Football
One of the most exciting games of the week was the Sunday Night Football thriller with the Giants vs Eagles, where the Giants missed the game winning field goal as time expired. The Eagles was saved by the missed field goal, because head coach Andy Reid called a timeout as the kicker tried the kick the first time. The timeout gave the Giants kicker a 2nd chance for a Giants win and he missed again.

49ers vs Jets
New York Jets was at home yesterday against the 49ers where Darrelle Revis missed his first game since his season ending injury. Jets defense and offense was awful yesterday as the defense gave up over 200 yards running. Mark Sanchez led the offense with 0 points as he saw one of his best target San Antonio Holmes get carried off on a cart. Jets fans are screaming Tebow Tebow to save the day will head coach Rex Ryan make that move ummm we will see if thats a GOOOO!

Last 3 Perfect Teams In NFL After Week 4
Atlanta Falcons 4-0
Houston Texas 4-0
Arizona Cardinals 4-0


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